Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Book Pilgrimage
This pilgrimage came just in time for our Danube River Cruise we are taking in May, and we have added a couple of days in Copenhagen because we meet the cruise in Budapest.
Libby's Book Blogis hosting this book pilgrimage challenge. Basically, the challenge is to read a book, or books, and then visit (make a pilgrimage!) to either the location where the book is set or to the author's home (or grave). Then, blog about the book and the book pilgrimage! There is a Mr. Linky at her site.

To help find a book set in a place you are going to visit there is a site called Biblio Travel. I didn't find it that helpful, but you might.

Libby found a book for me when we were "talking" about this challenge. It is The Danube Pilot.
Le Pilote Du Danube

I went searching for some more contemporary books and found these. I am already familiar with Steve Berry's books which feature his character, Cotton Malone who makes his home in Copenhagen.
I have listed the books in order of the cities we will be visiting. Even if I don't read all of these it was an interesting exercise researching books set in these cities.

The Last Good Man: A Novel
Synopsis here.

Shadows In Summer: A Novel In Six Voices
Synopsis here.

The Magyar Venus (An Archaeological Mystery, #8)
Based on the terrible reviews I am going to give this one a miss.

Prague, a novel about Budapest
No, I didn't mean to put this under Prague. Despite its title this book is entirely set in Budapest.

Bridge at Andau

Requiem for a Gypsy: A Jana Matinova Investigation Set in Slovakia (Commander Jana Matinova Investigation)
Synopsis here.

A Death In Vienna
Synopsis here.

The Mozart Conspiracy (Ben Hope #2)
Synopsis here. Another author I am familiar with.

I haven't really found any, The Sound of Music is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention this town.
This sounds intriguing, however, it hasn't been translated into English as yet.

9781570035081: Out of Passau: Leaving a City Hitler Called Home
Synopsis here.

the only two books I found were a World War II history of an invasion on the town and one written on  Pope Benedict XVI's September 12, 2006, University of Regensburg lecture. Neither of these interest me.

Judgment at Nuremberg
This is a play set in Nuremberg.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Synopsis here. This as been added to my TBR list on Goodreads.

The Prague Orgy
Synopsis here.

A Means of Grace
Synopsis here.


  1. Thanks for plugging the Book Pilgrimage! I hope we get lots of takers :) Glad you found a lot of titles that mesh well with your trip! My recommendation is an oldie - LOL (but goody, because Jules Verne is the MAN!).

    This is a great start to my linkies, because a Danube cruise sounds SO exotic! So, thanks again ;)

  2. Sounds like a fun idea and one I would normally have considered joining but not at the moment. I will follow with interest.


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