Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rivas Nicaragua

A quick update on our trip. I have been knocked over by a stomach virus since last Friday!! I practically missed New Year's but am slowing starting to feel normal.

Last Friday we drove into Rivas, the closest town with a grocery store. It is an hour's drive away with half of it on a dirt road with lots of farm animals.

It was market day and the town was teeming with shoppers leading up to New Year's Eve and Day. There are many pedi-taxis to get you around.

 The market is located next to the bus terminal. Check out the bus in this photo.

Chicken for dinner?

We then headed to the main square to find something for lunch.


  1. Interesting photos. What a difference from where I live. It must be nice to travel and learn about so many new places. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. This is not a country I would have chosen to visit. You're a brave and adventuresome soul. Iim sure my husband would say I am a high maintenance traveler. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures and admire your nerve.


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