Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Sheila at  Book Journey. For this meme, bloggers post what they finished last week, what they're currently reading, and what they plan to start this week.  

Finished this week:
Dead I Well May Be (Michael Forsythe #1)

Synopsis over here.
I had found this author on another blog, the writer is from Belfast. 
I can't say I loved the start of this book but it did grow on me. The main character didn't really endear himself to me, but then again he's not supposed to. I do think I will read more in this series featuring Michael Forsythe .

The Devil's Elixir (Templar, #3)

I was very disappointed in this as I had recently read The Templar Salvation which I loved. However, I will continue to read him.

Started this week:
A Darker Domain
From the book jacket:
1984. The National miners' strike is dividing the country, and in a struggling coal-mining town, the miners and their families are living at the edge of their resources. They have no money, and there is no food or heating. On the 14th of December, five miners break ranks to travel to Nottingham and work. For those who stay behind, this is an unforgivable betrayal, and the men are branded as scabs. 23 years later, a young woman is asking the police to trace her missing father: miner Mick Prentice vanished, never to be seen again, although money has been sent to his family; he was widely considered to be one of the scabs. Soon, D I Karen Pirie and DS Phil Parharta find themselves investigating a forgotten disappearance. 
In fact, Karen Pirie, when taking on this new assignment, is already involved in a case of kidnapping that took place 22 years earlier (in which a woman was killed during a bungled handover of money). Journalist Bel Richmond makes a startling discovery concerning the MacLennan kidnapping while on holiday in Tuscany, and as the three protagonists dig deeper into ever-more labyrinthine mysteries, they are to make some remarkable discoveries -- discoveries which throw light not just on the crimes involved, but on the whole of British society. 

So far so good!

Plan to start:
Not sure but I think it won't be another suspense/police procedural. I have been on a kick of these since I joined the 2012 Mystery and Suspense Reading meme.

2012 books read:
The Coast Road - John Brady
Still Midnight - Denise Mina
The Bulgari Connection - Fay Weldon
Good Bait - John Harvey
The Heretic's Treasure - Scott Mariani
Dead I Well May Be - Adrian McKinty
The Devil's Elixir - Raymond Khoury


  1. I am reading several books right now - free titles I got in the Amazon Kindle lists. Neither are too interesting, but they were a free reads, so I can't complain. Can't think of the titles or I would share the names.

  2. I like the sound of the one with the miners in it, may have to borrow that from the library.



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