Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 16 - Decluttering

We are still in bathroom reno chaos so not a lot of decluttering got done.

Sunday April 17 - The old mirror from the bathroom got reused as the contractor saved it for me and I have put it in the bathroom downstairs. I will add some red paint to it to match the other items in the laundry room.
This was a very considerate thought on his part as I was just thinking about going out to buy one for that room. So not an item decluttered but rather repurposed and avoided a needless purchase.
Monday -

Tuesday - took some magazines from the rack to go through on the subway, one from from Winter 2009. These were put into the recycling.

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday - Continued decluttering my email box, every day I remove some more junk mail.

Saturday - Another shower curtain from the bathroom reno. I won't need shower curtains as we are having glass doors installed.

So all in all not a great week but will get back on track!

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