Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 15 - Decluttering

Some inspirational blogs I found this week discussing decluttering.

Ask yourself to buy less crap

365 Less Things

I really need to keep this Calm down mini-mission in mind.

Organized blog

A great article to inspire me to sell on Craig's list.

Sunday April 10 - this was a big day for decluttering. DH went through the top drawer on porch (I had done an initial clean last week) and he threw out/tidied up his bits.
They are supposed to be coming to do the bathroom reno this week so I started on the drawers and closet in there. What a job, suffice it to say, there were many items thrown out or designated for charity. I didn't finish it today, will have to go back to it.
DH also went through his collection of ball caps and parted with some of them. This photo is a general round up of the various stuff.

While making dinner, I needed some beef broth so I went to our pantry in the basement. I found two boxes with Best Before of 2008 and one with 2009. While they may have been ok I really prefer not to take any chances, so they were thrown out.

Ordered new mail box - old one is falling apart.Pine Hill Woodcrafts. His ears have broken off but I ordered the same one! The kids on the street are always mesmerized when they first see it.
Mailbox will be either recycled or discarded.

Monday - sunglasses went into charity pile. Also a book donated.

Tuesday - some old papers

Wednesday - "free" monthly magazines from local museums we are members of.

Thursday - DH listed some golf clubs online for sale.

Friday - bathroom reno ongoing. Shower curtains to a friend. Liner to charity pile.
Two computer books, one to go into the office and the other will be part of the huge Photoshop offer I will be selling.

Saturday - nothing like renos to get you motivated. Since most of house is under dust attack I took the time to declutter (again) the computer room bookcase and cabinet. Most stuff discarded, this gets easier and easier. Everything got moved and dusted.
Georgia O'Keefe calendar I will bring to a friend. Threw out some travel brochures and some books went into the charity pile.
Some things just made it back to their rightful homes.
Some old "store" cards were cut up.
Cleaned up my scrapbboking folder on computer.
Updated "house" spreadsheet.

Also got some administrivia decluttering done. This falls under TO DO list that pecks away at the back of my mind, the stuff that needs to get done.

Have been removing myself from email newsletters as I receive them this week. I have easily "unsubscribed" from  at least twenty so far.

Checked AMEX bill against tour company invoice. DONE

Made list of household chores to be organized. DONE

Tree specialist - DH called and got an estimate. Now to be scheduled.

Railings -

Windows - cleaning and fixing screens

Painting - book for 2 rooms, new bathroom and hallway.

Set up Craigslist account

Investigate stock photography and open some accounts - did some reading this week on subject. Set up account at Bigstock and iStock. DONE

Find a calendar screensaver to we could both update - DONE

Follow up on Kijiji coupon for junk removal - DONE

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