Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 14 - Decluttering

Sunday April 3 - back home from Myrtle Beach. Cleaned out odds and sorts from the fridge.

Monday - 2 sweaters and a dressing gown.

Tuesday - another sweater that DH doesn't like.

Wednesday - 2 "free" passport cases received when we had our photos taken for our visas.

Thursday - Did a quick sorting through of my closet, had to make room for the Myrtle Beach shopping. Out into the charity pile went a black hat from a wedding seven years ago and a purse. Also a jacket that I bought in Ireland but never really fit properly.

Friday - Cleaned out the cabinet on the porch where winter mitts, boots etc are stored. The top drawer contained candles for "just in case". 4 of those went into the charity pile. Various bits of paper and miscellaneous nuts and bolts went into garbage. The old car mats were piled in a corner and they are going into the garbage as well.

Saturday - cleaned out the bench in the hall, a catchall of various plastic bags etc. The art work is mine.
The plastic bags went into the pile for garbage. Several used batteries will be put in the proper recycling bin downtown, mini flashlight into charity pile.

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