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2024 Road Trip - Day 21 Las Vegas NV to Salt Lake City UT

 March 31 2024 Las Vegas

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Tue Mar 12 Day 2  Fort Wayne to St. Louis
Mar 13 Day 3  St. Louis
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Mar 18 Day 8 Las Vegas
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Sun Mar 31 Day 21 Las Vegas to Salt Lake City UT

Left 9:45
Weather everything!! Temperature started at 13C dropped to 3C and then finished at 7C
Arrived 5:30 lost an hour
States NV AZ UT

We were fed, packed up, garbage out, car loaded and checked out by 9:45. Today is a long drive plus we lose an hour. We only made two gas/bio breaks. The drive is straight up I-15 and then 1.7 km off the highway to the hotel!

Bye for now!

Where we stayed in 2015


The name Panguitch comes from a Southern Paiute word meaning “Big Fish,” likely named after the plentiful nearby lakes hosting rainbow trout year-round.

Paragonah (Iron) is four miles norhteast of Parowan and was first settled on Red Creek in the spring of 1851. The name comes from the Piede Indians, who were a clan of the Paiute Indians. "Paragonah" was their name for nearby salty Little Salt Lake, which means "mashland" or "many springs," with connotations of salty, poisonous, or filthy water. Several variants are listed. Fremont called it Paragoona. Others added an "h."

Good Luck Beaver High School.

It's snowing!

Heading home to Alberta. Wonder where they were?
Lots of Alberta plates, some Saskatchewan, and we saw one Ontario.

Scipio was settled in 1859. Early names included Round Valley and Craball, but it was eventually named for Scipio Africanus Kenner, a young lawyer who helped the pioneers to obtain legal title to the land.

It was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1851 as Salt Creek, and it acquired its current name in 1882. It is the principal city in the Juab Valley, an agricultural area. Nephi was named after Nephi, son of Lehi, from the Book of Mormon.

Look at the tires on the jeep!

Easy exit to hotel.

It was a long drive today. We ordered room service for dinner.

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