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March 2024 - Las Vegas NV

Yep, there’s a piece of the Berlin Wall in the men’s restroom just off the casino floor at Main Street Station. Women can view the Berlin Wall, too, of course. Just ask a security officer for an escort. Don’t make it weird.

How and why this historic fragment ended up in such an unusual location isn’t known. When the property was purchased by new owners in the 1990s, the wall was already a part of the bathroom decor.

On a more genteel topic is the stained glass at the casino.



  1. Yes, that wall.
    My "ex-teamleader" is from East Germany, as my bestt friend. I had "fake Grandparents" cause we were so close to East Germany.
    And here in Braunschweig we have a piece as well. Nice it spreads around the world to give the message rip down all walls - make longer tables instead... as WCK says.
    WOW on the glass!

  2. What an interesting post that stained glass window iss amazing too

    Have a roadtriptastic week 👍

  3. ...going to Las Vegas is like going to sign heaven.

  4. Oooh the stained glass is lovely.
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. The stained glass is magnificent!
    The Berlin wall surely gets around!


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