Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Post No Bills


May 2023 - Toronto ON

We dropped into the Toronto Reference Library yesterday. They always have interesting displays in their gallery.

Post No Bills: Toronto Street Posters from the 1950s to 1990s

Get an up-close look at visually-striking street posters from TPL's archives. For the first time ever, we're showcasing our decades-spanning set of Toronto street posters in person. These rarities reflect trends in graphic design as well as in our city's shifting politics, businesses and cultures.

The exhibit takes you back to when activists and business owners had to hit the streets of Toronto with stacks of posters to get the word out. There was no internet or social media. It was an era when utility poles, newspaper boxes and construction sites were the billboards of the people.

Collected by father-and-son duo Alan and Thomas Suddon, the posters are preserved as part of TPL's Baldwin Collection of Canadiana.


  1. This is an amazing exhibit. The posters reflect the times. To take the time to make and distribute posters shows an interest we can't see on FB, I think.

  2. What an interesting exhibit. When I was a girl in middle and high school, many of my friends had posters of mostly music groups on their walls. Some were huge.

    I remember Apartheid. My company had a plant in So Africa at the time and we had to vote to keep it there, leave, or force the govt to change their practices.

    I especially like the one about keeping politics out of the Arts.

  3. Love your new banner and wow on the exhibit. Bet school kids get some history lessons there?


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