Monday, July 2, 2018

Foto Tunes

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme. 

June 2018 - Toronto ON

July 1 is Canada Day so I am going to feature Canadian songs/songwriters for the month.

I'll start with an easy one since we had the honour to attend Gordon Lightfoot's concert at Massey Hall on Friday.

But what song to pick??? So many, I asked John to choose one.

Did She Mention My Name - this version recorded in 1968 by a much younger Lightfoot. But it drew just as much applause at 79 years old.

There were no restrictions on photos and recording in the Hall which I assume was at Lightfoot's request.

I'm going to include one other song that he did, Early Morning Rain.

His version.

In an interview he said he favourite version was Peter, Paul and Mary's.

He was also proud of Elvis' version.


  1. ...I hope that I will still be rocking when I'm 79! What a treat to Lightfoot in concert. I hope that you had a great Canada Day.

  2. Lovely songs and I like all three versions from the second (I'm not a big Elvis-fan, but that tune is very nice)

  3. My favorite song of his is Sundown!

  4. You just hope they don't screw up the renovation at Massey in such a way that it does something to the atmosphere of the building.


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