Friday, May 3, 2019

Pull Up a Seat

Pull Up a Seat

St. John New Brunswick

Crowds gather here to have that "Sit By Me" experience.

There are eleven larger-than-life human figures represented in the sculpture. There is a man reading the newspaper complete with cigarette dangling from his mouth, or hop on the motorcycle. Interact with the mother and child and Keith or just stand in the crowd of "Waiting People"

It is transcribed as follows:

"My hope is that people will be involved and interested in the sculpture, and get to know these (wooden) people as well as I do."
John Hooper (1927-2006)

Also by John Hooper, Time Pieces created in 1984 sits at the Market Square entrance.


  1. I think the same artist did a work here, though it's been moved and I don't know where to.

  2. I love the expressions on their faces.


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