Friday, May 24, 2019

Gate 1 Day 10 - Lourdes to Bordeaux

May 2019 - Lourdes to Bordeaux

DAY 10, Friday - Visit Lourdes, Wine Tasting in St. Emilion, Bordeaux


DEPART - 10:15

In Lourdes, visit the sacred church, sanctuary, and grotto where the apparitions took place and behold the healing water spring from the grotto, believed to possess healing properties. 

Time to reflect on your own before departing this holy city. 

The one morning we had a late start and the hotel required us to be out of our rooms by 9:15?? Where in the world does a hotel do that? Oh, yes, where everything is run according to the Church's rules! Must make room for lots more suckers.

We went out for a walk.

The Brlfry

Stopping for a cappuccino!

And we are subjected to a constant parade of handicapped people looking for a miracle.

I found a really interesting article about the ob of an aide.

This is when I am totally disgusted by the church preying on these people, they are so hopeful and desperate for a miracle.

DEPART - 10:15 AM

Afterward, drive north through magnificent rolling landscapes to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. Emilion. In this fertile area, viticulture was first introduced by the Romans and further intensified in the Middle Ages. The tradition was carried on by the monk Emilion, who was the first to begin commercial wine production. 

After a bathroom stop in the parking lot we walk into town.

The legend tells us about a monk from Brittany who fled from Vannes, his hometown, to seek refuge in one of the natural caves in a place called Ascum bas (former name of the village) in the 8th century. His name was Emilion. Living the life of a hermit he accomplished a few miracles and rapidly became famous in the region and even far beyond its borders. Soon he had many disciples and they made it a religious center. Even after his death his followers carried on his legacy and even called the town after him: Saint-Emilion.
Views of the city include Romanesque churches and fascinating historical ruins stretching along steep and narrow streets. 

Enjoy a wine tasting and then free time to wander on your own in this delightful town before continuing to Bordeaux. 

Maison Galhaud 

As expected it is cool and damp in the cellars.

Time to wander on our own.

There's no way in hell that I am going down this way.

The Monolithic Church (Eglise Monolithe) sits in the center of the town. It was dug out of the surrounding rock over a period stretching from the 9th to the 13th Centuries, and is the largest underground church in Europe.

More about it when we go below.

The Collegiate Church is an imposing Romanesque building that was built between the XII and XV centuries and is considered one of the most impressive churches in the Gironde region.

Not to worry we found an easier way to get down below.

This underground church, the largest in Europe to have been built "from a single stone" was constructed in the rock in the late 11C. It is said that there were between five and 55 monks hollowing out the rock at any given time.

Bell tower that was in a previous photo.

On the way back to the bus.


Mercure Bordeaux Chateau Chartrons, Bordeaux
The hotel is located in the old Bordeaux wine merchants district.

TIME -  7 PM    
A lovely evening tonight! Dine together at a local restaurant in Bordeaux accented by fabulous wines and local flavors

Table was good company other than one of the holy roller couples who were "stuck" with us. He didn't want the red wine which was originally served, but managed to quaff it down before he got the white. These two don't like any of the food anywhere.

I have to laugh, the tour guide had requested gluten free for John. This is eggs mayonnaise and the server says "oh, you can't have the tomatoes".............

However no comment when it came to the mushroom sauce on the chicken..,

Dessert, pineapple sorbet, delicious.

Service was awful as is typical for tour dinners.

Back for drinks in the bar with the Aussies and the Duke and Duchess deigned to join us. We left but we must have done the Duchy in as I heard them say the next day that they weren't going to the bar the next evening...

Overnight: Bordeaux
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner


  1. The Guardian story about Lourdes was interesting.

  2. Lourdes does seem like a religious tourist trap, as you'd expect.


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