Friday, February 2, 2018

Mexican Jumping Beans



Hamburgers, potato salad and cole slaw for dinner.


I finally finished our 2017 recap!! AND I started 2018 with January.

I made my slow cooker spare ribs for dinner.


We had our old couch and chair taken away in preparation of the delivery of our new ones which will be delivered when we get back in March.
We'll watch TV in the bedroom for a couple of days.

I met my BFF for a long, gabby lunch where I had seafood chowder which was really good.
Then home to pack and get stuff done.

John went for a walk along the lake.

And look who's still here!

Here he is on a summer day!

John met a friend for lunch and I did some last minute shopping and got some Mexican pesos.

I walked through the PATH and saw the woodpecker outside the convention centre from inside. I realized that my cell phone was captured in the reflection.

We got some snow yesterday and it was a bright but cold day when I headed out. This is looking towards Lake Ontario from our place.


We head to LA today and then Mazatlan on Thursday.
It started snowing soon after we got up with grey skies.

Packed and did the usual stuff before taking limo to airport at 3 PM.

I posted our 2017 recap.

We get to the airport and the reason I couldn't check in online was because I was randomly selected for enhanced security check. So as John sailed through the Nexus line I had to take everything out of my bag, take my shoes off and do the full body scan which then requred a body tap down.

We went to the lounge and had free snacks and drinks, a good deal.

As we were landing.

We arrived in LA on time at 9 PM but it took our luggage forever to come out and by the time we got the hotel shuttle and checked in it was 10:30 PM Pacific time and 1:30 AM EST.


Up early for this sunrise.

Breakfast in the executive lounge and then got the shuttle to the airport. This time check in and security was a breeze as we sailed through TSA pre-clearance.

Customs was also easy in Mazatlan and we were met by King David for our shuttle to Torres Mazatlan.

The units have been totally refurbished and smell brand new.
Cerveza time!

We even have a TV in the bedroom now!

It was 87 F but grey.

But the sun outdid itself for our first night.

W had dinner in the resort's restaurant as prime rib was on special.


A glorious morning as we met our good friends Bill and Carol for breakfast. Carol writes a blog here.

After a long leisurely breakfast getting caught up they drove us into town to show us all the changes and construction that's taking place.

Then a short stroll.


A quick walk through of the market.

Behind the market where the bus would normally drop us off. I doubt this will be ready for the start of carnival on Thursday!

Over to Plaza Machado. Bill and Carol wanted to check on the elderly owner of the former Beach Burger, now the Restaurant Machado as she was unwell yesterday and they had suggested they take her to the hospital. It turned our to be a stress attack as she was back there today.

We also ran into a server we knew, Roberto.

The carnival statues are up, this one was in the plaza.

Then Bill bought ice cream from the cart that was been handed down the generations since 1938.

Back at the parking lot we watched as they struggled to push this disabled truck up the slant, an old lady stopped to help so Bill and John put their muscle behind it and they got it up in no time.

They graciously took us to Soriana for groceries where we stocked up for the weekend.

Back at the condo we decided we would just relax instead of heading down to Art Walk tonight. We've done it many times so we didn't feel too guilty. Instead we whiled the afternoon away reading on the balcony.

I will leave you with tonight's sunset.


I finished The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell and really enjoyed it.

Thursday's Children, another Nicci French was also finished. I think I'm done with the series for now.

I really enjoyed The Wife's Tale a Canadian set story.

I just started Loving Frank so have no thoughts as yet.

For dinner we had salad with the leftover prime rib from last night. A good light dish.



  1. Beautiful shots! Enjoy your time in Mexico.

  2. such a beautiful sunset . Looks like you have plenty of corn flakes

  3. Every time I see your photos from Mazatlan, I want to escape there. Such a beautiful place and with so much to do. Enjoy!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a visit to Banff.

  4. Ahhhh, I'm relaxed just looking at your sunsets! I could use some sun and warmth about now. Your place looks great. I'm looking forward to following your winter escape.

  5. Love the snowy photo by the lake!! It's great!

  6. Wow some really great shots in there, love the view over LA and the sunsets. That statue by the lake is too funny :) #MySundayPhoto

  7. Love the snow picture, we are promised some for tomorrow

  8. Maybe I shouldn't have turned the slow cooker into a flower pot. Your ribs recipe sounds delicious. I like the humor of the sculpture's creator. Happy trails to you.

  9. Well, between the sunsets, the prime rib, and the thought of Mazatlan, I am consumed with jealousy. No, scrap that thought...I love Mazatlan and I am very happy for you to be in such a beautiful, warm place while the rest of us wait for winter to go away, which it won't for a long time yet!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. That's quite a change from snow to sun. I've been to Mazatlan several times, but not is the last 25 years or so. I'm sure it has changed a lot. We flew our airplane there and were "greeted" by kids with machine guns. But they were friendly enough and assured us our plane would be safe. - Margy


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