Friday, February 16, 2018

Frijoles Refritos


Kiss The Cook

Six Word Saturday

After a lazy morning and lunch we took the bus to the Golden Zone to see if Jose, our favourite server at Royal Villa was still there. As luck would have it he came through the lobby as we arrived and we arranged to come for dinner.

We then walked around and stopped for a beer in Gringo Lingo's before heading back.

Jose made us his famous Caesar salad.

I had steak and John had shrimps wrapped in bacon.

Lights along the street.

One Word Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday

We were planning on an early dinner with friends so we went for a late breakfast at Torres.

My orange French toast and John had scrambled eggs with chorizo and corn tortillas.

 As we were leaving the restaurant.

A walk around the grounds. We are in the building on the left and the palapa restaruant is the thatched roof in the far right.

Dinner plans got cancelled and we had pasta and homemade sauce for dinner.

Foto Tunes

We had loose plans to go get my hair cut but then we decided it was so gorgeous to go the pool and maybe go later. Didn't happen. It was too nice at the pool which turned into lunch.


These guys were busy this morning as we drank our coffees. The workers never stop.

We headed out on the bus around 10 to Gran Plaza where I was going to get a hair cut.
Due to Tuesday's Carnaval parade the bus took a detour as the Malecon was closed.

Hair cut done. A price increase over last year up from 50 pesos to 60 pesos or $4 Canadian now.

We then walked over to Soriana's (Mega) to get some groceries. As we waited for a pulmonia outside we noticed that there were more street closures and the pulmonias and cabs were not able to get into the parking lot.

We figured we'd just wait it out when Bill and Carol appeared behind us and offered to drive us back if we waited for them to do their shopping. Sure!

John went and took photos of the photos from the curb. Click here for those.

I waited with our order and snapped some as well.

We loaded up Willie and Bill needed to go to the fabric store and then a stop at the other Soriana's.

Some fabric that caught my eye.

Smocked sundresses just need a seam up the back. I'd like the polka dot.

Back for a late lunch of tuna wraps and then a lazy afternoon reading.

I made my Spanish chicken thighs with potatoes and various vegetables from the fridge.


A pool day. These guys were hanging around as well.

Lunchtime Happy Hour.

My BLT which is really a club without the chicken and not cut into four!

HMMM same nachos order as yesterday but looks different!

John booking our February 2019!


Leftovers for dinner. We're being very good about just using up the leftovers.

Thursday Doors

Plans were to go over to the RV park as Bill and Carol were having the painter come to do some work. Painter rebooked so Carol asked what we'd like to do. I suggested "horses"? She came back and said they would be having breakfast here at Torres so we said we'd meet them around 9:30. As we were heading there someone said "hey, you". We looked around and a couple asked us if we drank beer as they had 2-6 packs and were leaving that day. Sure and we picked it up.

On our way to La Noria we drove through El Habal.

A mural depicting some of the famous Mexican and American actors that made films in the area.

A bit of a roller coaster as we leave town.

Along the way we passed the tequila distillery.

A rooster farm. Each rooster is housed in its own small shelter, those white tents you see. There are probably a thousand roosters here for fight training.

 A close-up from the car.

A lone pylon. There was a man cutting the scrub with a machete.

Bill drove us to La Noria a sleepy town that is now a stop for some of the tours from Mazatlan on their way elsewhere.

 After a stop at the leather maker, who wasn't in but found they are building a 300 seat restaurant around it. This is what the town needs as there isn't anywhere for tourists to have a drink or meal.

Here we are at the sandal/shoe maker.

Examining the exquisite hand made details on part of a saddle.

Poncho Villa, Zapata and Juarez having a snooze.

Then a new treat for us. A private showing of the dancing horses.

John shot a couple of videos.

From there it was to Canoas for candy!

Tiny church. Carol says when the tours come through there are ladies giving salsa and guacamole classes in the square in front.

A roof garden.

Keeping watch.

A small cheese factory we hadn't been to.

From there we headed back to town for lunch.

The parking lot.

Carnaval posters.


Finally Bill's watches have been released!

While Bill got his watches Carol and I walked to hear a band in the square.

Carol taking a photo.

Since Beach Burger Machado Restaurant was unexpectedly closed Carol suggested the Bakery aka Via Condotti beside Hector's. Everything was delicious prompting the comment "we should come here more often".

I had a slice of Bill's pizza, with pear and it was delicious. He ate the whole thing.

John had great meatballs.

Carol had lasagna, which was a little cold in the middle. I had a spinach, cheese and pepperoni panzerotti which was huge and delicious, so much that I didn't take a photo!

We rolled back to the car and home.

The maid had been in and left this for us.

Burgers for dinner.


Some plans but ended up spending the afternoon reading by the pool. I did get a pedicure.


Charlotte SC 2014

Midnight At The Dragon Cafe a coming of age story in Canada, it just trailed off at the end. Just OK.

The Son by Jo Nesbo a stand alone novel from the creater of Harry Hole. A solid read.

The Toronto Public Library put out a list of books based in Toronto by neighbourhood so I found a few to read this week.

The Deviil You Know set in Toronto and it had me looking over my shoulder. 
Loosely based around the infamous case of Paul Bernardo, serial rapist and murderer. The writing isn't brilliant but a decent read that provided a creepy feeling.
She also doesn't use quotes "never, ever"! The timeline had some issues as well.

No New Land deals with the issues facing struggling new immigrants to Canada.

The Torontonians depicts a clear insight into the 1950s suburban life in Toronto when the city was still a small town trying to grow up. I really enjoyed this flashback to life in Toronto in the 50s. The theme itself is still relevant, we all have too much material stuff.

American Marriage and it is good but disturbing.



  1. Wow! What a journey, from the tasty looking food to the colorful surroundings. Love those sundresses, too. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. I love, love, love it that reading by the pool with nachos and afternoon drinks took over a couple of your days. I'm more relaxed just thinking about it! I love the fabrics you discovered. And so many colorful and pretty things to see. Also -- very cool that you got to see the horses.

  3. Lots of good food and relaxing times! Aloha from Hawaii,

  4. I love your photos of Mazatlan! You always capture the colors, flavors, and overall beauty of wherever you're visiting. I feel as if I've been there.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  5. I love seeing your travel posts! Mazatlan looks like a place I'd love!

  6. Lovely series! I love the vivid colors! #mysundayphoto

  7. Looks like you had a great week. Unfortunately I am no starving from the great food shots!

  8. It's always a mistake to come to your blog hungry, Jackie. Time I made for the kitchen! Thanks for sharing :) :)

  9. After seeing all this delicious food, now I have to gorge on breakfast (exaggerated:) ) It didn't surprise me that those palms need constant cutting back! We discovered that in our previous house in South. Calif. and we had only one palm! Many thanks for linking up with sunny sights of Mexico for All Seasons! Hope Canada is not too cold at the moment - have a great week!

  10. You had me at Frijoles Refritos, but now I must go back up to the top of your wonderful long blog post to see what I've missed

  11. I tried to comment, and Google whooshed it away, so I'll keep it short and see what happens. So much to love in this post, but you had me at frijoles refritos. I really miss Mexico, where my parents wintered (and I visited) for many years.
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