Wednesday, February 14, 2018


February 2018 - Mazatlan Mexico

On Tuesday we went to do groceries at Soriana (formerly Mega) and some of the streets in the area were closed off as they were using it as a route to move the Carnaval floats to the Malecon (Ave del Mar). There is another Soriana at the top of the map near Home Depot.

Click here for photos of the Carnaval statues along the Malecon.

We finished our groceries and went to get a pulmonia and there were none because they couldn't get through!

So we decided to settle in and wait. Suddenly Bill and Carol appear behind us and suggest we just wait for them to complete their groceries!
Perfect! John went to the curb and got some photos of the remaining floats.

This is the closing parade on a Tuesday that marks the end of Carnaval for another year.


  1. ...I'm glad that you changed your plans, it's nice to see all of this colorful fun.

  2. Fabulous bright floats! It is sunny & +5˚C here!

  3. Wow! The Cheshire Cat is my favourite.


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