Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bangkok Chinatown

February 2015 - Bangkok Thailand

I thought I had posted about Chinatown in Bangkok...
It is truly a cacophony of sights and sounds. Absolutely packed with cars vying with pedestrians for space. 
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Countless street vendors set up shop in between small markets and higher-end restaurants. Little plastic stools and folding tables spill out unto the sidewalks.

Food is everywhere!

After a light dinner time to head back.

Our ride back by tuk tuk.


  1. What catches my eye are the rich reds, particularly the banners.

  2. When I see congestion like this everywhere I wonder how do they ever get anywhere to get any thing done?

  3. I see large farang bums on small Thai stools.

  4. Guess it is all a matter of when you go and your mindset. We visited Bangkok's Chinatown in April on a hot, sweltering day - mid-morning and after nearly being trampled by delivery carts - or run over by cars avoiding those carts - we spent an hour or so and said, "Been there, done that" and left. Glad to see your beautiful shots of the evening scenese.

    1. I had read about how crowded it gets during the day with all the delivery carts and people shopping. It was fun at night but the traffic was still a challenge.

  5. I went to Chinatown in Bangkok during the day. It was nice but there was not a lot of actions. Seems like all the action occurs at night. I would like to go back.

  6. Wow! You aren't kidding when you say crowded and full of cars. But looks like there is so much to see and taste. Gorgeous colors!

  7. I love the pineapple, this looks like so much fun.

  8. Wow, beautiful but it almost overwhelms the senses. Great photos.

  9. Great pics - I can almost smell it. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  10. What a great trip that must have been! I love cities, but this is a bit crowded for me. I'm going to NYC in November and am mentally preparing myself for all the people, traffic and buildings.

  11. I can almost hear the cacophony of the traffic and people and smell all that food cooking when I look at your photos. I like how they left the leaves on the trimmed pineapple and prepped the pomegranate so nicely.


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