Saturday, February 24, 2024

One Word Sunday

One Word Sunday



  1. Jackie thanks of much for your showcase of Toronto's old buildings. One of the first companies I worked for was at 36 Toronto Street and I learned so much about Canadian ways there. It was an amazing company, diversified in its businesses and I have written about it in a memoir I am working on. I got quite teary looking at the old fa├žade and thinking of the snotty elevator woman in her green uniform and sitting on her green stool and the United Nations of my fellow employees. I had wondered about Toronto Street and what the "new" Toronto had done to it.

    1. What a lovely comment you made on my post today! Toronto St. is lovely. How special to know that you worked in that building. There is now an Indian restaurant in the building at the corner that smells delicious!

  2. What clear shadows - they tell the story with no need for us to see the actual people


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