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Sepia Saturday - Aug 30

Sepia Saturday

Today's theme is:
243 : Running away, escaping the crowds, beaches, steam train, aquarium (domed)

Around 1960 - Montreal Quebec

It's not a steam train but it's best train I could come up with!!!
My Uncle Brendan, cousin Brendan and my sister.
This is Van Horne Park and we lived on the street in the background, de la Peltrie.

William made a comment that play grounds have really changed over the years. Now everything is made of plastic. There are often rubber mats on the ground.

Everything here is made of metal and cement! I remember hot hot the metal would get in the summer. You could have your bum backside scalded coming down the metal slide.

Then there were the teeter totters! Or see-saws as they were also called. What could be dangerous about a wooden plank balanced on a pivot, we would load two or three kids on one side and a smaller innocent on the other, then all jump off in unison.

I remember the money bars and my sister climbing to the top and falling down making her nose bleed. My grandmother was watching us and was horrified. 
Monkey bars or jungle gyms are being removed from parks in many cities.

Playgrounds blog post by Jeff King from A Simpler Time


  1. What strikes me is the difference in playgrounds from then to now.

    1. That is so true, William! I hadn't thought about it. Now everything is made of plastic.

  2. That playground train is rather clever & great for kids' imaginations. Now-a-days playthings are so full of detail kids rarely have to exercise their imaginations at all. What a shame. I remember when all we needed were some cardboard boxes & crayons & we could create anything from a train to a space ship!

  3. I remember that the metal jungle gyms felt unsafe to me, and they were not any where near the size of the one in your picture.

  4. A great place to run to, and they are enjoying themselves! Great pictures, and memories as well.

  5. Some happy childhood memories there, I don't remember playgrounds from my childhood but most back yards would have a swing..

  6. At least there was sand under the equipment, rather than grass, or green concrete, but even today kids can still fall and break their arms etc in their 'padded' and specially designed playgrounds - there was an article about precisely that in our local paper just yesterday.

  7. I hadn't thought about the removal of those climbing frames but you're right...where they exist they're much modified versions. Loved the family photo on the beach.

  8. I like the train/pipes in the playground. Someone put some thought into the design.

  9. That climbing frame looks great fun to me but as an ex-headteacher I’m aware that it’s no longer allowed. The monkey bars in our playground were made from wood with special permanent matting underneath for soft landings.

  10. The monkey bars at the elementary school where I played as a kid were not as big as the one in your picture. They're long gone now though. Everything is a potential lawsuit. That train is cute and would still be fun today. Oh but wait -- it's made of cement - tsk tsk, might cause a scraped knee or chipped tooth.


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