Monday, August 18, 2014

On the Road Again Day 4 Little Shemogue NB

Day 1 Toronto to Levis QC

Day 2 Levis QC to St. Andrew by the Sea NB

Day 3 St. Andrew NB to Port Elgin NB

Map showing location of Little Shemogue Country Inn

We awoke to a rainy morning and had a delightful leisurely breakfast at the inn. The tables were set with yellow and green floral dishes. We started with a large fruit salad, orange juice, then one egg any style and delicious bacon. The charge was $12 each for this meal.

The rain was pelting down so we settled in with our books for the morning. It is too bad that coffee is not available for guests.
At noon we decided to head out, armed with rain gear.

The plan was to go towards Moncton and visit the Magnetic Hill. We decided it was just raining too hard and decided to go to Shediac for lunch.

Shediac is known as the lobster capital of the world. Oh to live here!!!

There are many lobster restaurants located as you drive into town.

We went down a side street towards Pointe du Chene.

We selected a random restaurant. Great fries but stone cold as in out of the fridge lobster. When we asked if it was supposed to be that cold the server stated with a straight face that lobster is always served cold in the Maritimes. \i don't mind cold lobster if it is listed as such in a salad. John's mussels were good but once again we have yet to have a really tasty sauce.

Since the restaurant wasn't serving dinner tonight, seems the family had appointments, we stopped and picked up a baguette and some cheeses. Again, it is annoying when a hotel/inn states they serve food and then don't. This inn is seven kilometres down a deserted road and at least twenty km from any restaurant.
That is why we book places with food!

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  1. The giant lobster is something else. I've been to the Magnetic Hill. It's an optical illusion, really... with a sideshow right alongside it.


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