Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 20 - Birmingham to London

Still no hot water in shower this morning, I am not a happy camper. Called the desk and placed a complaint stating I would be checking out shortly and expected compensation for the lack of hot water.

Grabbed a quick breakfast at the Dragon’s Inn again. Then checked out after asking for and receiving a discount of 58% for the room.

We took a cab to the New Street train station which is really within walking distance but too much of a hassle to drag suitcases up and down the streets. We didn’t have a conductor to assist with the luggage this time so the clubs ended up occupying a seat and me praying that no one had reserved that seat. Note to John – find a lighter, easier way to travel with golf clubs!

Arrived in Euston and then checked in once again at the Royal National.

We were anxious just to get out and wander the streets. We stopped at the Porcupine pub 48 Charing Cross Rd near Leinster Square for lunch, another prawn sandwich for me.

Then we headed to a “half price” ticket stall to see what was available. We bought 5th row seats for Billy Eliot tonight and 1st row seats for Priscilla Queen of the Desert for Friday night for 190 pounds, all together a very good deal in my mind.

More strolling around Piccadilly, down to the Strand, around Pall Mall.

Time for theatre! Take a cab as it is located behind Buckingham Palace. Here is a clip from Billy Elliot. This is a different cast.
This is the trailer for the performance we saw.

And just for the record it takes an hour and a half to walk back to the hotel. And I must say that Buckingham Palace is a disappointment at night.

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