Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 17 - Manchester

Taken on the drive to Manchester
Manchester hadn't been on the agenda for this trip, and in hindsight I would probably have elected to stay another night in Cumbria especially since I have now "discovered" Moresby Hall!
Manchester, to me, is Coronation Street. Or Manchester United. Other than that I didn't really know much about the city.

Once again, another Eye or Wheel.

I knew about Canal Street being the heart of the Gay Village from watching Sean on Coronation Street.

Sean from Coronation Street - a spoiler as we are approx 9 months behind the UK episodes

How many statues are there of Queen Victoria???

I love this window display of old sewing machines

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  1. I loved the sewing machine displays as well.

    I am such an admirer of old brickwork buildings; something so solid and stately about them, you can almost feel the history in them.


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