Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 19 - Birmingham

Quietest day of vacation! No real plans.

Woke to no hot water in the shower. Called the desk to complain. On our way out to breakfast I mentioned it to the desk clerk who said that other guests had the same problem and they were having he boiler looked at.

Went looking for somewhere for breakfast rather than walking over to the market or Bull Ring. We ended up at the Dragon Inn, part of the Wetherspoon pub chain. They open at 7am and serve a decent breakfast.

Andrew picked us up and took us to their place. The guys were going golfing and Tanya and I were going to hang out together.

Finally I had my hands on a computer so I emptied my camera and put my pictures onto a USB key.

Then we took the bus into Wasall and moseyed around in the stores. More fabulous hats in the stores.

Then for a lunch – fish and chips for Tanya and loaded potato skins for me.

We all decided to go for Chinese food across from the hotel as Andrew swears it is the best ever.

It was all very good except for my choice of chicken curry.


  1. I just got done eating Sashi almonds and flax seed cereal. I want what you had. Looks so much better!

  2. You just can't get good Chinese in Toronto - don't know why???


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