Monday, November 28, 2022

Blogger and Comments

 November 2022 - Toronto ON

I am also experiencing that annoying Blogger problem with comments. The only way I can now leave comments (even on my own blog) is by opening an incognito window, then logging into my Google account.


  1. ...I have a few problems, but not like yours.

  2. I have determined I just have to wait for blogger to decide to publish my comment. I may not have that option on my browser, since my message bar looks nothing the same as yours. It may be because I do not have Windows on my computer.

  3. just wondering if I could comment. I really like the header.

  4. My issues are comments going into spam that don't belong there, including comments first published years ago.

    1. I have the same problem, comments going to spam. I did have that problem with comments from years ago, but that seems to have stopped.

  5. And I still haven't figured out where I GO to see if the blog owners have replied to my comments on their Blogger/Blogspot blogs!!! Like with Wordpress, I just click on the little notifications bell icon and there I see all the comments left by others on MY blog, PLUS any replies to the comments I have left on other people's blogs. Except people with Blogspot/Blogger blogs. Their replies to my comments don't show up there. I know I'm missing SO MANY replies to my comments!!!! Where are they? LOL


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