Friday, December 26, 2014

Week 2 - Las Vegas

December 20  - 26 2014

We moved from the timeshare, Wyndham Grand Desert to NY NY for the evening. Since we had to check out at 10 AM we started the morning with lattes from Starbucks in Grand Desert. We then checked out around 9:30 and went to Mandalay Bay for breakfast at Ri Ra a fantastic Irish pub.
We both had the full Irish
A proper fry up - 2 eggs, Irish sausages rashers, black and white puddings, tomato,
roasted mushrooms, toast add Batchelors Baked beans +3


We wandered around and then went to NY NY and checked in. They have a 3 PM check-in and if it is before 1 PM there is an optional fee to check in early. We were a few minutes before 1 so she waived the fee.

We then headed to their new attraction Hershey's.

We took the Monorail from MGM to the Flamingo station to meet or friends who had just arrived from Calgary. We hadn't seen them since March when we were all in Las Vegas at the same time.
The monorail is expensive at $5 a ride. Coming home we took a cab for the same distance and it was $10 without walking miles through the casinos.

Beers at the 5 o'clock Somewhere Bar and then dinner at the Yard House.

A late start on Sunday morning so we checked out and moved the car to the Monte Carlo. If you are in Vegas it is worth it to use the valet parking offered at every casino. There is no fee other than a tip when you retrieve your car and you are not wasting time walking miles.

Coffee at Starbucks in the Mandarin, whiling away time watching the world go by. Photo from New York New York through their rose tinted windows.

Then through Aria, Crystal and Cosmopolitan. Will post photos another time.

It was Sunday and therefore football time so we stopped to watch the game in Planet Hollywood.

Retrieved the car and picked up some groceries before checking into the Grand View another timeshare, located south on Las Vegas Blvd. Check in was easy and no real hard sell to attend a presentation. We did agree to attend breakfast.

We are in the Honeysuckle building, their newest. It is lovely and much larger and nicer than Grand Desert. It also has full sized appliances unlike Wyndham.

Settled in, football on and roast chicken in the oven.

Monday we attended the timeshare presentation - charming sales person, Charles. Went to our first ever and LAST Vegas buffet.
We picked up our friends and took them on a tour of the older casinos off the Strip.

We came back to our condo and went next door to the South Point Casino to have dinner courtesy of our gift certificates from the time share presentation.

Tuesday was grocery shopping and laundry. Made my favourite fajitas recipe for dinner.

Wednesday was Christmas Eve and our friend's birthday.
We went to South Point for a lunch of clam chowder. Then we took a taxi to meet up with them at Planet Hollywood and then walked over to Todd English for dinner.
The appetizers are great we would go back for them. Mussels were excellent and the fried pickles are the best ever!! Sorry, cell phone photos.

Weird menu, not impressive. Finally Debbie and I go for the lobster rolls. YUCK they came hot!!!! Lots of lobster but we both sent them back. I ordered the duck buns as nothing else appealed, too sweet.

Walked over to Paris for an aperitif and spotted this car.

Christmas Day dawned bright and sunny but sooo windy!! We met up for breakfast at Ri Ra.

Then back to the condo to watch bad sci-fi movies and a home cooked meal of chicken, ham, sauteed brussels sprouts and mashed white and sweet potato mash with a mix of fontina, asiago and parmesan cheeses.

Boxing Day is always jammies, books, movies and leftovers!!


  1. That looks like a lot of good eating!

  2. That's a lot of moving about!
    There was a big fire on Avenue Rd at Sotto, Sotto and Sputini restaurants on Christmas night and they are still putting out hot spots.