Sunday, December 14, 2014

On The Road Again - Day 9

Day 8 - 274 miles 4 hours Las Cruces NM to Tucson AZ

Day 7 - 256.5 miles 3 h 44 min Pecos TX to Las Cruces NM gained one hour

Day 6 - 400 miles 5.5 hrs Fort Worth TX to Pecos TX

Day 5 - 352 miles 5 hrs Little Rock AR to Fort Worth TX

Day 4 - 347 miles   5 hrs 20 mins Nashville TN to Little Rock AR

Day 3 - 218 miles / 351 km Lexington KY to Nashville TN gained one hour

Day 2 - 385 Miles - 620 Km  5 hours 51 mins Cranberry Township PA to Lexington KY

Day 1 - 298 Miles - 480 Km 4 hours 37 mins Toronto to Cranberry Township PA

No real driving today. We are in Tucson for two days. Lazy morning, got the car washed and whiled away some time in Starbucks. Nice not to be packing up and getting on the road again.

Then off for lunch at Olive Garden to meet with a long time blogger friend and partner. Kathi was one of the first bloggers I ever followed. She doesn't blog anymore but we have been Facebook friends. They recently moved from New Hampshire to Tucson so this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet. We all hit it off instantly.
I can't believe we didn't take a photo..........

After lunch, since we were on that side of the city, we decided to visit Old Tuscon Studios. We had been there back in the late 90s.
I'll do a detailed post about the Studio later in the week.

We spent an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around in the sunshine!

Back to the Hilton Tucson East and dinner - I had the prime rib special, very disappointing as they couldn't provide it as rare as I like. John had the steak and shrimp, the steak was cooked to perfection!