Thursday, December 4, 2014

On The Road Again - Day 1

On the road again! Time to leave ol' Man Winter behind and to the mercies of Mother Nature!
This photo taken a week ago when Toronto had a light dusting of snow is enough to make one want to get outta town!

The first leg of this journey is a drive to Las Vegas. Our ETA is December 13 so we're not in a real rush.

298 Miles - 480 Km
4 hours 37 mins

Today, December 4, we left our place at 8AM, made a stop at Tim Horton's and then a stop to visit with friends. Back on the road by 10:15 we were crossing the Peace Bridge at around 11:30. 
Dry, sunny day.

Not busy, one car in front of us for the Nexus line, the "fast pre-approved line". The border guy spent so long with that car, which had US plates BTW that we joked (with each other) that the regular line was faster. He walked around it, asked for the keys to the trunk before he let the car through.
Our turn, where were we going, did we buy anything at duty free, yes, then how much, how much American cash did we have, how much Canadian. WHEW we made it.

Onto the Interstate.

Into Pennsylvania - roads are quiet.

Our destination is Cranberry Township in PA where we stopped last year on our way to Florida.

A missed turn and turnpike fees of $2.05 X 2 except the first guy didn't want the five pennies.

Settled in Hilton Garden Suites by 3:30. Dinner in hotel and early to bed.

Dinner - an experience....
We go down to the restaurant. Server is rushing around, says be with you in a sec. No worries. Brings us menus. I select the special, salmon. She comes back "out of salmon and BTW someone had ordered it and didn't really like it". I said,smiling, " I don't think you should be telling the guest that". She says "well, I want you to enjoy your meal". So as I decide, she says "don't you eat meat?". Yes I do, not the point. 
I have a Caesar's salad with shrimp. John had the pasta, where you select your pasta, sauce, protein and vegetable. 
Once again, her lack of training was evident as she tries to foist our bill on us. Fortunately she was charming. Overheard her chatting to an English diner about this and that and said what is a pound? And is Oxford in England.


  1. Ahhh...travels! Exciting, interesting, fun, and oh so tiring! Can't wait to see more of your trip as it develops!