Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Look UP Look Down - Travel Photo Thursday

Look Up, Look Down challenge hosted by Travel With Intent.

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November 2013 - Disneyland Orlando Florida

Morocco pavilion at Epcot.


  1. Great shots, it looks like the real thing! It's a long time since I was at Epcot so thanks for the memories :)

  2. I was there when I was a child, but I have few memories of the place.

  3. Oh what fun. I too have many years between me and my last visit to Epcot - I had forgotten what a 'reality' trip it was. Happy Thanksgiving to you and many happy travels ahead! x 'The Other Jackie'

  4. Beautiful shots, Jackie. Hard to believe you were in Florida, and not Morocco! Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

  5. Great shots especially of those lamps.

  6. Epcot looks like such a great place to visit. Maybe someday!


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