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Sepia Saturday - Aug 17

Sepia Saturday

I'm posting at Sepia Saturday today.

The suggested theme is:
190 : Summer means picnics and this image offers plenty of themes: picnics, kettle, primus stoves, teapots, chickens, gardens and straw hats.

Dublin Ireland 

Summer means the beach or as my mother would say "the seaside".  This would be the Irish Sea likely at Sandymount and it certainly never gets very warm!

Mom in the middle with her sister and brother around 1948

Mom with a friend around 1950


  1. I'd not fancy a swim with a piece of sack tied around my waist, like that young lad.

  2. Ah but picnics on the beach were the best - real sand in the sandwiches!

  3. Great photos. I particularly like that group on the right in the background on that first photo. Wonderful hat and braces.

  4. Wonderful old family photographs. You are so lucky to have them.

  5. Nice memories to have of your mother. My mum used to wear her hair in plaits on top of her head like your mother. about the same era too. Perhaps it was an 'in' thing.

  6. My, how the swimsuits have evolved since the "50"s. Will have to visit my relatives to get more family pictures!

  7. Agreeing with Rosie about the swimsuits, but I wish today's youth had more modesty in their swimwear. It's almost no suit just a bit of cloth.
    The beach looks rather rocky, but when I was young that wouldn't have been a problem.
    your mum- quite attractive!

  8. I paddled in Cornwall in summer last year (as close as I've got to Ireland, so far) and I can't imagine swimming in sea that cold. We are very lucky in Australia.

  9. They look so happy, but what struck me is how slim they were compared with so many of today's children. as that a ruched swimsuit of your mother'? I remember wearing like that in the 1950's.

  10. Did you uncle always have such a thin build? He looks like he needs a good feed.

  11. Isn't it amazing to look at photos of your mother when she was that age -- adds character and depth to our memories.

  12. Vintage bathing suits are so fun to look at. But I can't get over the fact that they sat IN the sand -- no towel or blanket or chair?? I can't stand being covered with sand. That's why I'm not much of a beach person.

  13. I like cold waters,
    so I think I might have enjoyed myself there.
    Alan had the same reaction as I did,
    looking a that group on the right,
    in the background.
    Interesting scene!!
    I remember a certain swimsuit of my early teens, half white, half red, an Italian import, that looked great when dry, but once you got into the water, that was another story...

  14. Reminds me of bathing trunks that were the only ones I had to wear. I wonder if that is why I've always had an aversion to swimming.
    Times and costumes have definitely changed. Time they ditched thongs and mankinis as well!


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