Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Travel Photo Thursday

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The Royal Theatre Carré (Dutch: Koninklijk Theater Carré) is a Neo-Renaissance theatre in Amsterdam, located near the river Amstel. When the theatre was founded in 1887, it was originally meant as a permanent circus building. Currently, it is mainly used for musicals, cabaret performances and pop concerts.

Photos were taken in October 2012.


  1. Amsterdam is on my top 3 list of places to go next!

  2. ahh, I want to go to the opera :)

    - Maria Alexandra

  3. I have wanted to visit Amsterdam for quite some time but seeing this theatre wasn't on my list until now. Love the circus theme of the carvings - I want to call them gargoyles but I'm not sure if that's the correct term for these. Love them regardless!

  4. I wonder if the 1st picture is supposed to be their interpretation of the Comedy & Tragedy masks. That's what I thought at first, but then I don't know how to categorize the Lion and the last picture in that scheme.

  5. How wonderful to have such a quirky building. I would like to have it in my town :)


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