Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Menu Plan Update - Week 17

I am not including lunch unless we did something special as we have else been on our own and making do with whatever is in the house.

Dinner - with family at One Duke Pub in Hamilton. 1 - fish and chips 1 - ribs

Dinner - roast pork, roast and mashed potatoes with brocollni

Dinner - leftover roast pork with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts

Lunch - friends at our place with cheeses and cold cuts from a new find for us in our new neighbourhood  The Cheese Boutique.

Dinner - twice cooked pork (from the remaining leftovers) with vegetables and rice

THURSDAY - shopping new Bed, Bath and Beyond for sheets, mattress cover and oven mitts.
Lunch - Acme Burger Company good burgers but service is slow and inconsistent. Our buns and toppings sat waiting forever for the meat.The Acme Burger Company

Dinner - NEW RECIPE beef stew in the slow cooker. Now that we are settled I am excited to be using all my kitchen gadgets. Stew is stew but I wanted a recipe that I could just throw everything into the cooker with homemade beef stock.

Dinner - leftover beef stew with garlic flat bread.

SATURDAY - Shopping at St. Lawrence Market

Dinner - NEW RECIPE lamb chops with broccolini and new potatoes

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