Monday, December 10, 2012

Sedona Recap

This is a recap of our week in Sedona after our amazing road trip from Toronto to Sedona. You can read our daily road trip updates by clicking on "Newer Post" at the bottom of that post.
I will post more detailed reviews of some of the places in future posts.

On Saturday after we checked in and did groceries we settled in for the evening. We were located right at the Old Creek Country Club on the map above. The resort was called The Ridge on Sedona. Our unit was on the ground floor.

On Sunday I wrote about our timeshare unit a week ago. We slept in and then attended a timeshare presentation (I know suckers for punishment), didn't buy but walked away with discounted hot air balloon tickets.
We spent the day relaxing and I went for a walk with my camera.
I came across this scene, a group rehearsing for their Christmas play.

Monday John golfed in the morning and we went to the factory outlets in the afternoon. This was our view of Bell Rock whenever we left the resort.

Tuesday we were up early for our amazing hot air balloon ride was captured here.

We decided to go to Walmart in Cottonwood to buy a US cell phone and picked up some groceries. Then went back into Sedona to Tlaquepaque (pronounced Tla-keh-pah-keh) for a late lunch. This area is delightful and full of art galleries and shops.

Wednesday John golfed again and then we spent the afternoon wandering around Upper Sedona.

Thursday we went to Flagstaff to get some Route 66, have lunch and pick up toys for the Christmas fund at the golf course John is going to play on Friday.

Friday John golfed but only played nine holes as the course scheduled a members' tournament and wouldn't allow John to tee off at the tenth hole until all the members had. He was home around noon so we went out for a drive and lunch.
We stopped at this crazy gift shop fun of great stuff. No photos were allowed inside the shop.

 The Coffee Pot

Saturday was check-out day and we were on the road by 9:30AM.

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  1. I love Sedona! We have a timeshare there and spend two weeks every other January. We've done lots of short hikes there and visited all the fun crafty places.

    Thanks for the memories!


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