Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sedona Hot Air Balloon Ride

We woke at 5:45AM for our hot air balloon ride. We dressed warmly, I wore my Canadian winter down coat.

We went to the lobby to await our pick-up. A white Suburban pulled in at 6:15 however it had a trailer attached to it so I assumed it was a garden service. Not so, it was Blair our driver and pilot who was dragging the hot air basket and uninflated balloon.

We stopped at the Best Western to pick up the other four passengers and then made another stop to pick up two guys known as the chasers.
We then drove to Red Rock State Park which was to be our launching pad. The balloon is a lot bigger than I imagined.

Two of our guys assisted with holding the balloon while it was being filled with very cold air.

I took this photo of the sun rising while we waited.

We watched in fascination as the balloon was readied.

We climb aboard and one of the chasers pushes us off.

Blair gives us some rules.
For those who have taken a subway this is NOT a handle.

The heat generated when Blair activates the gas really keeps us warm even if it is a bit scary having this right over your head.

It was just amazing as we lifted off.

It was so peaceful and you could hardly feel any movement as we climbed. Blair compared the experience to flying in an over-sized laundry hamper filled with explosives!

We entered Dry Creek Canyon.

Imagine if Senator McCain had become president we wouldn't be allowed in the air over his home.

While we were enjoying the flight Blair regaled us with various stories. One was about his daughter who was congratulated by her teacher as only 1 of 3 students who knew that Canada was larger than the US.
Her friend, defending herself to Blair for not knowing, said "well, like seriously, everyone knows Canada is just full of trees and don't have an army". "Really, Blair says, then I guess they were just making coffee at Juno Beach?"
Friend then says "they have a beach?"

Landing was more difficult than I would have imagined since take off was so easy. Blair radioed the guys as to where he thought we would land and they drove there.

Notice where/how you climb in and out of the basket!

Blair popping the champagne after we each received our certificates.

Breakfast was delicious with super fresh tasty strawberries along with a pastry.


  1. We did this four years ago in Cappadocia, Turkey. Isn't it a memorable experience?

  2. What a wonderful why to see the local scenery.

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  4. Thank you for the great information about what to expect when going on one of these rides. Very nice scenery as well as the unexpected McCain house. Did you miss the sunrise or were you able to get in the air before it was over. Thank you for your great post!
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  5. hey first time to your blog and liking it! i am going to sedona soon and will be doing this!

    thank you so much for the detailed information.


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