Monday, February 6, 2012

Annoying Commercials

Am I the only one who would cheerfully strangle this kid??


  1. Is this what happens when kids drink coffee?

  2. I absolutely hate this child. I'll hold her down, you do the hitting with the nerf bat. Then it's my turn.

  3. Love Crafty Gardener's comment about too much coffee!!

    Sandy, I'm with you on this, I'll buy the nerf bat!!!

  4. Yeah, she's a bit "first world", isn't she? Rhyming off all her (and her parents') possessions. No "I like my school, I like where I live, I like the tree in park, I like sunshine..."

    Love the new blog scheme! I usually read on Reader so I don't always get to see how things look on the actual blog.


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