Sunday, June 26, 2011

365 Decluttering

A productive decluttering week as  Clothesline run by the Canadian Diabetes Association came and picked up all the stuff that was accumulating in the basement (stuff already covered in previous posts).
This is what the house looked like the night before:

New items added this week and were:
The two white shelves pictured above
The storage bins above
A couple of t shirts
Some old reading glasses

My GF liked the centrepiece from my dining room which I had mentioned I was getting rid of on a previous post. They came to dinner a week or so ago and I  had it packaged up for her in a bag (decluttered) and she has given it new life on her patio table. She replaced the stumpy candles with nice new ones.

Thrown into the garbage:
An old hairbrush (replacement bought this week)
Old coaster
Camera thingy that we don't know where it came from

Used up:
Old lipstick - finished it this week and threw container out
Perogies - in the freezer since who knows when!! We didn't finish them but at least they have been opened and some consumed.

On the To Do - sell on Kijiji
Since we moved the bookcases downstairs things had to be rearranged and some items need to be sold.

Bombay company cabinet - I had it mounted on the  wall
My antique sewing table - minus the sewing machine when I bought it

And the old (pretty new) TV stand from Best Buy which has been replaced.

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