Sunday, June 19, 2011

365 Decluttering and House Updates

I haven't posted a Decluttering since we got back from Russia. BUT I have been working on it even though I haven't written anything. We have had a wedding and theatre occupying our time as well. Plus it is about time we did some decluttering in the garden.

We have done some furniture rearranging to make space for a new purchase and in preparation for the painters who are scheduled to come in a couple of weeks (does it never stop)??

Oh yes, and had to have some roof repairs done for a leak that was causing damage to our bedroom walls. And the shower glass doors were installed a week or so ago!!

So since we moved the bookcases downstairs I culled them back big time. All the classics I had kept forever (moved from Montreal) are going. I can always download them for free or get them at the library if I really do want to read them again. Now to find a home for them... Some old VHS and DVDs are also ready to go.
UPDATE: a good friend took some of the books and DVDs.
There was an underwater camera that went into charity pile. DH found our newish unused video camera and is now trying to get it hooked up.

I found a large laminated poster a friend had done of our old cat it went into the garbage.

A charity is coming to pick up some stuff on the 22nd so I need to get that ready to put out as well.

The travels photos we had framed in the hallway are down for the painting and will not be going back up. Some are getting new homes but some are going into the charity pile.

Some (3) sweaters went into the office for a friend. Some other clothes went into the charity pile.

DH golfed in a charity tournament last week and won a bag of stuff from RIM. The BBQ set is going to a friend in the office as well.

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