Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planning the Rose and Thistle Trip - Updates Ongoing

Picture taken by T!!!

Thinking along these lines (dates subject to change):

Fly out on Friday May 21 morning flight to Heathrow.
May 21, 22, 23, 24 London 4 nights London at same hotel K, T and I used royal National or one of their others in the chain
K and B will be coming with us!

We will probably take the train to B'ham and pick up a car when leaving there.
May 25/26 go to Birmingham overnight with Tanya. Have breakfast on this canal barge.
 Visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forrest on May 26.

May 27 Liverpool overnight

May 28 either Newcastle, Hadrian's Wall or else straight into Scotland

May 29 - Apartment is booked in Edinburgh. M and A will join the 4 of us here. The guys can golf to their hearts' content. Golfing plans are with DH to sort out.

Stay in same place for 8 nights and do side trips unless we want to stay maybe overnight in 1 of the cities. Driving distance between Glasgow and Edinburgh is only 42 miles!

June 6 - check out.

June 6 - K and B fly home from Edinburgh.

June 6 - 4 of us will decide where we are going.

June 9 - we will take bus to Heathrow from B'ham for flight home.
M and A will head to Ireland for a few days then back to London and fly home from there.

Now considering extending our trip to return home with M and A??? Depends on the cost to do that.
I thought we went to Glasgow last time but when I checked our photos it was Stirling that I was thinking of that we went to.
Mangocheeks over at made me laugh yesterday as she posted about going to visit Stirling Castle and how the statue of Wallace looked just like Mel Gibson which was exactly our response in 2001 when we saw it.

In Glasgow I want to go to the Peoples' Museum and the Barras. Already have a vegetarian restaurant picked out for M there. The People's Palace -
After visiting there we will stroll over to the Barras market and perhaps lunch at
The 13th Note for lunch as suggested by Mangocheeks in her blog Allotment2kitchen.

As discussed plan is to have 2 cars once the 6 of us are in Scotland. I am checking train pass prices for England but on quick investigation think renting a car will be cheaper and easier since there are golf clubs involved!!


  1. You are so very organized - it looks like a great trip! I love your video and info about Ireland - thanks for telling me about them! We now have a friend in common - Micki! Maybe we can all meet in Ireland one day - although it may take me a while to get there. But it would be fun!

  2. I am filled with anticipation and excitement at the thought of all this. Wow!


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