Saturday, February 20, 2010

Planning our London/England Trip

Picture courtesy of K! Hope you don't mind!
K and T outside Buckingham Palace

BH and I have been to London quite a few times, the last being 2005. I did go with a GF in October 2009 for a week and we had a ball. My niece, T came down from Birmingham, had never been to London, so it was a real "girls" week.

BH and I plan to stop in London when we do our England/Scotland trip in the spring. We plan on a couple of days and then train it to Scotland, making stops on the way.

There's always something new to do though. So this is my wish list so far.
Museum of London (at London Wall) features a new exhibition re-creating Londinium (Roman London). It's based on archeological findings, which revealed a city of timber and mud brick, unlike most Roman cities of the time. After strolling through a replica High Street, visitors can view the actual objects found on-site.

Brick Lane - for good Indian food and of course some awesome photos.

Little Venice - had never heard of this until an episode of Coronation Street last week when Ken's true love mentioned it. No spoilers please! We are watching in Canada and are almost a year behind!
Templar Church  posts the current month's visiting hours. We tried to visit in 2005 after reading/seeing Angels and Demons and it was closed. Was on my list for last October but just didn't have time. I am determined this time.

Bath -In the eighteenth century Bath was re-designed as an outdoor showplace for Georgian society. Almost the entire town centre is a coherent and attractive map of honey-coloured limestone terraces. Among the town's architectural highlights are the curved and panoramic crescents, and Pulteney Bridge, where you can pause to shop while crossing the river Avon. Bath has several fascinating galleries and museums devoted to subjects ranging from the town's Roman past (a trip to the Roman Baths is unmissable) to the history of costume.

Stonehenge - lies on a spot where a series of circular monuments were constructed between 3000BC and 1600BC. Originally made of earth and wood, the stones which now stand in a circle, aligned with the solstice rising sun, were brought from various locations: sarsens from the Marlborough Downs (these are the large standing stones in an outer ring, connected by lintels), and bluestones brought all the way from Wales; a considerable achievement. Stonehenge is part of a fascinating wider landscape, including various burial mounds, Neolithic long barrows, an earthwork of unknown purpose and Woodhenge, also oriented to the solstice sunrise.

Windsor Castle - just a maybe not totally on wish list.

Manchester - would love to visit Corrie St set but it is not open to the public, but I did find this! Canadian fans: The World of Coronation Street Tour is located in Toronto, Canada and runs trips to the Coronation Street set every September. The tour visits various outdoor locations in the Manchester area, a private group dinner with a Coronation Street Star as well as a coveted visit to Granada Studios. The website is or the tour exclusive website is

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  1. I love these pictures!! I want to visit England so badly and seeing your beautiful pictures just made my wanderlust kick into overdrive. Thanks for sharing!


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