Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Around

We traveled on many different modes of transportations in our 17 days in China.

9 planes
1 rickshaw (Hutong in Beijing)
2 airport trains (to and from Hong Kong airport)
1 airport shuttle (upon arrival to reach the terminal)
2 express airport buses (to and from Hong Kong airport)
2 tour Buses (The Big Bus in Hong Kong and the bus to the Three Gorges Dam)
1 wooden canoe (Shennong Stream)
3 ferries ( from cruise ship to Shennong, Star Ferry in Hong Kong)
1 cruise ship (Empress President #6) 1 river cruise boat (Li River cruise) 1 bicycle for 2 (Xian) 2 cable cars (Fengi and Great Wall) 1 taxi (Hong Kong) vans
1 golf cart (Terra Cotta Warriors)
2 limos (to and From Toronto airport)
Now if only there was a way to count the hundreds of miles on our shoes!



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