Tuesday, May 19, 2009

China Recap

It was the most amazing vacation yet. The weather was around 32 degrees every day. The food - what can I say?? I never enjoyed food as much as I did. Every meal, for the most part, was delicious. We ate food we had never tried before, heard of dishes we know we would never try.

The bathrooms which were probably my greatest fear, like most women, worked out to be fine. As long as you always remembered to have tissue in your pockets at all times! We saw the squatters and we saw the most opulent toilet in the Hong Kong Sheraton.

The hotels, as promised by our tour company, www.chinahighlights.com, were all 4 stars. Bathrooms were quite luxurious and most contained safes. Western and Chinese breakfasts were always included in the price. These breakfasts were certainly filling and could keep you going all day if you chose to stuff yourself or else help yourself to some rolls, pastries, fruit or yogurt.

The sightseeing was just amazing and we only touched the tip of everything there was to see. We knew we had an aggresive schedule to begin with and several people had also confirmed that. However, it was certainly a quick overview allowing us to determine where we would concentrate more of our time on our next visit, which will definitely happen. Everywher we went we would say "oh, we'll be back"!

And we will!

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