Friday, August 3, 2018

Bed and Breakfast

“You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” ― Dr. Seuss

July 2018 - Toronto ON

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We packed up and got on the road about 9:45 for our theatre weekend in Stratford Ontario.

Stratford is a city on the Avon River in southwest Ontario. Its Stratford Festival stages modern and Shakespearean plays in multiple theatres. Victorian buildings dot the city, including Stratford City Hall and the Perth County Courthouse. The city’s many parks and gardens include the Shakespearean Gardens, with plants mentioned in the playwright’s works.
It was a beautiful sunny day as we headed out but we soon had a couple of cloudbursts and then torrential rain in Guelph, and the temperature dropped quickly.

Our first stop was to check on the additions to the Prime Ministers' Path in Baden.

Then for lunch at Annie's in Stratford for gluten-free fish and chips.

It turned out our B and Bed was literally around the corner from lunch so we checked in.

We then headed downtown to wander.

It was quite cool so I "had" to buy a gorgeous jacket.

We relaxed and then dressed for The Music Man at the Festival Theatre.

Looking around the grounds of the theatre.

I loved it, John found the female lead's voice as too high.

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We had a delightful and delicious breakfast with a mother, daughter, DIL and granddaughter from Michigan on a birthday weekend treat. Breakfast was fresh fruit, bacon and French toast. The B and B's daughter was chatting with us about the various plays, it helped that she worked at the Green Room.

We headed out to the Stratford - Perth Museum.
The Stratford Perth Museum celebrates the rich and diverse communities of Perth County. 

To Kill a Mockingbird exhibit was our main purpose.

The other exhibits were fascinating.

Who knew? Bieber is from Stratford.

Then a stroll around town before the theatre.

We're at the Avon Theatre today to see An Ideal Husband.

The play, including a twenty minute intermission is 2 hours and 20 minutes of chuckling. Written by Oscar Wilde in 1895 it is just as relevant today.
Superb acting and amazing sets.

Back to the B and B to relax in their gorgeous gardens with a glass of wine before dinner.

Then to our 7:15 dinner reservation at Foster's. Great place but I was disappointed that my steak was too well done and it took 20 minutes to re-fire, so John was practically finished his dinner before I got mine.

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We were the only guests for breakfast, fresh fruit, yogurt, bacon and omelets.

Time to hit the road and do some daytrippin'.

Millbank to get some great cheese and summer sausage.

And then to Anna Mae's to get some gluten free pies and bread.

Back home we had a dinner of the summer sausage and cheeses we bought.

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After a few days away I needed a day in my kitchen. We had bought three litres of peaches so I decided to freeze most of them.
The rest we drank in smoothies.

We had also gotten a gluten free bread from Anna Mae's Mennonite bakery, but it fell apart so I made croutons and bread crumbs out of it.

And I got birthday presents from John! 💖😍💖

John knows what a fangirl I am of Frida Kahlo!!!

While he was shopping he came across a new mural along Ossington,

John insisted I not cook, even though we had my birthday dinner on my birthday weekend so we decided to order Indian. But none of the places we selected would deliver to us. So we decided to make chicken thighs, roasted potatoes and carrots with steamed cabbage.


John headed out to golf and I went to Yorkville. I planned to find the front of the church I saw last week and then find some brains in the area. 

Established as a separate village in 1830, it was annexed into Toronto in 1883. Yorkville is diverse, comprising residential areas, office space, and an array of shopping options.

Within the Yorkville district is one of Canada's most exclusive shopping districts, anchored by the Mink Mile along Bloor Street. In 2006, Mink Mile was the 22nd most expensive street in the world, with rents of $208 per square foot. Yorkville had rents of $300 per square foot in 2008, making it the third most expensive retail space in North America. In 2008, the Mink Mile was named the seventh most expensive shopping street in the world by Fortune Magazine, claiming tenants can pull in $1,500 to $4,500 per square foot in sales.

Click here to see some of the high-end stores on the Mink Mile.

One of the city’s oldest buildings, at Yorkville and Bellair, built in 1837, the townhouse was once home to the Village of Yorkville’s sheriff (and a jail cell).

French luxury footwear brand Christian Louboutin has opened its Canadian flagship in Toronto. Located at 99 Yorkville Avenue, the two-level store features extensive collections for both women and men.

Hazelton Lanes has been renovated and re-branded as Yorkville Village.
The Hazelton Hotel, Toronto is touted as the most exclusive five-star hotel in the city.

At street level you can just see the patio of 'ONE' restaurant by international chef Mark McEwan.
We went here a few years ago and were less than impressed.

Part of the complex is this elegant food court, new to me.

I found some other treasures, and brains, that will be covered in other posts.

I picked up some ground pork and hot pancetta and came home to make a new spaghetti bolognese sauce using this recipe and it has now firmly replaced my old one. John loved it.

They are busy working on window cleaning and spraying for spiders but look as this guy hangs from the 27th floor overlooking the Gardiner!

Thursday Doors on vacation to August 9

The OTR microwave installer was due between 10 -2, he was to pick it up from the store, deliver and install and take the old one away. I showed you the old one last week.
The store called to ensure he could pick it up. He arrived about 11:40, moaned and groaned because there was glass on the wall, not going to be responsible, blah blah.
. Asked for a cloth to cover the stove (really? You don't bring a drop cloth?), oh, you need a step stool, no problem, here's ours.

He had it up and running by about 12:15.

We decided to go to St. Lawrence Market to pick up some meat for the weekend.
Monday is a holiday, Civic Day.

Usually we walk along Front St. but today I had a mission in mind so we the Esplanade.

Many's the meal we've had here when we had kids visiting!

A block long of restaurant patios.

Banksy! Hidden on a wall off Esplanade, but protected with a frame, one of only two remaining Banksys in Toronto.

Leftover spaghetti for dinner and we tried the gluten free pecan tarts which we really good.


Weekend Roundup contains part of today's outing
Weekend Reflections
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We both had several ideas for today and ended up going downtown at 11:20 and took the subway to Eglinton West so I could finish my Weekend Roundup.
We headed back south and we got off at Spadina for John to see that station.

Then south again to St. Andrew and a short walk to lunch at Dbaba's, for Indian.
They had replied to John's query that all their food was gluten free other than bread items.

We arrived around 1 PM and were disappointed that the buffet items were barely lukewarm intemperature.

My plate, I had never tried tawa fish, just about the tomatoes, had heard about it. This was the only spicy hot item and it was good. There's also goat curry and butter chicken on my plate along with a green chutney.

Click here to read more about Victoria Memorial Park on Portland south of King St.

Selfies as we cross the Bridge of Light.

Canoe Landing

Chinese Rail Workers Memorial by Eldon Garnet, also featured in this week's Weekend Roundup.

I think they're laughing at us from the peanut gallery at the Rogers Centre.

We missed the 3:00 bus so we stopped to see a new mural in progress.

We had to wait for the next bus so we scored an outside seat at Starbucks and watched the crowds of tourists. The Hop On bus stops here. The Caribana parade is this weekend, and Taylor Swift was playing at the Rogers Centre tonight and tomorrow, so there were all kinds of sights to see.

Steak for dinner with broccolini and new potatoes.

And so a busy week ends.


Appropriate as we were in Stratford ON this week.

July 2018 - Danforth, Toronto

Not much reading this week.
I did flip through a cookbook, Bread, Toast, Crumbs. I am definitely going to try her peasant bread recipe,


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  1. It takes some time and a strong focus to read about what you have been doing for the week, but I do enjoy it.

  2. WOW what a week. Love all you did in Stratford and Yorkville looks charming. Plus you captured a lot of good murals and buildings. Happy birthday!!!! And you had some good meals there -- despite the steak incident.

  3. Jackie,
    You take great photos and I enjoy that you share your travels. The museum looks wonderful. Thanks

  4. The mural in progress is fascinating!

    Well, no town can be perfect, and Stratford gets a mark off for giving the world that insufferable little twit Bieber. :)

    I've got cousins around Elora and Fergus, so I'm quite familiar with the area.

    1. Too true, about Beiber! Couldn't believe they had an exhibit on him at the museum. And you can get a walking map of Bieber spots!

  5. I always enjoy your photos from around Toronto. I'd love to spend a month (or more) there. Your food pictures make me hungry, even though I just had breakfast!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  6. Happy birthday!!

    Yorkville looks like a fun place to visit!

    We are heading up to Sydney in a few weeks to do a whole weekend of Shakespeare! Very much looking forward to it.

  7. I'm exhausted just following along with your lively photos. Lots of food and color, my kind of fun. That's Shakesbeer pun and illustration, hilarious. I saw a sign outside a bar today that said, "We will do our best to get you drunk." Not very PC, but very funny. Are those bobbers at the canoe landing? Happy belated birthday, Indian food sounds fab.

  8. I love that you "had" to buy a gorgeous jacket. And the Frida pillow!!! What a wonderful gift. It's great.

  9. Another fun-filled week, Jackie, and I do love that opening quote. :) :) Thanks for joining me.

  10. Great post, sounds like an awesome place for fun!


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