Saturday, October 8, 2016

In A Nutshell - Our Week

October 2016 - Toronto ON

We've were on the road from September 27 to October 4, the main destination was the Ryder Cup 2016 outside Minneapolis in Chaska MN.

Day 1 - Toronto to Kalamazoo
Day 2 - Kalamazoo to Milwaukee
Day 3 - Milwaukee
Day 4 - Milwaukee to Minneapolis
Weekly Recap - The Big Cheese

We're in Minneapolis on Saturday and we were up bright and early as John headed out to the Ryder Cup. John was posting on Facebook by 9AM!

Pieters, McIlroy, Koepka, Johnson. John is following McIlroy.

I left at 9:30 for a 30 minute walk to a walking food tour. You can read the details about the tour here at Day 5 Minneapolis.

I stopped at Starbucks on my way and had the delicious salted caramel mocha.

I'll try to go light on photos of this delightful tour. You can see the food at the link above.

Meeting place, Gold Medal Park.

Saturday Market

Crossing the Mississippi on the Stone Arch Bridge.

Lots of weddings taking place on a perfect autumn day.

Walking back to hotel the long way as I realize later. But, have camera, will travel.

I'd done 16,9813 steps while out.

Remember, I had left at 9:30 it is now 4PM and my room isn't made up. Not a happy camper, hot, tired and still coughing, I call the desk and the clerk goes on about they are full to capacity (not my problem, staff accordingly), blah blah.

I put my feet up, blog and read.

John came in around 6:30 he had done 14.92 km at the Ryder Cup.

We decide on room service for dinner.

Day 6 - Minneapolis to Madison

Sunday morning we have breakfast in the hotel before leaving. I do the check out as John waits for the car to be brought around ($26 a day valet parking!!!!). When asked about my stay I mention not being happy that my room was not cleaned, he agreed that was not acceptable. Room rate (Ryder Cup) $269 US a night would I accept a rate of $199 for each night as compensation? WOO HOO definitely.

On impulse we decide to find a Prince mural before leaving Minneapolis as it was his home. It was on the back of this building.

And as luck would have it we pass St. Mary's Basilica.

More cheesiness!

Getting through Chicago.

Our hotel for tonight, great photo in this book.

After wandering around town we have dinner in the hotel.

Wedge Salad Bourbon-glazed Nueske’s bacon, Hook’s blue cheese, avocado mousse, crispy shallots

Braised Pork belly Maple glaze, chili-fried peanuts, roasted banana fluff - my selection.
The pork could have been rendered a little more as it was a little too fatty.

Hanger Steak Marinated Spanish peppers, fingerling potatoes, smoked beef fat bearnaise - John's.

Monday morning - a view of the Edgewater from the lake.

Day 7 - Madison to Owosso

This was a long day of driving over 6 hours. We stayed at the Comstock Inn and Conference Centre in Owosso, nothing to write home about other than a good dinner in the Tavern.

Tuesday morning we head out to Tim Horton's!!! We had spotted it last night as we drove into town.
Day 8 - Owosso to Toronto

Spotted as we left town.

We're home! Dinner is in front of the TV watching the wild card baseball game Blue Jays vs Orioles an 11 inning game.

Image result for blue jays wild card 2016 win

Wednesday John heads out to his golf league's dinner and comes in fourth.

We had ordered some stuff to use up some air miles loyalty points. Our Cuisinart griddler has been around a long time. This is much bigger and fancier!!

I couldn't stand the vacuum we had bought impulsively when we moved it here. It was too noisy. So a new one. All the old stuff will be going to a niece this weekend!

I wanted some cross stitch embroidery to do and happened to log onto Joann's and a message flashed that they would no longer ship to Canada after September 30 so I quickly placed an order before we left.

Thursday is the monthly coffee club at the condo.

 John does a Costco and market run.
We settle in to watch the Blue Jays.

Friday more baseball! The boys are coming home with 2 victories against the Rangers!
Image result for blue jays game 2 images scoreboard


I didn't update last week. I finished Fates and Furies and loved it.
The Baker's Daughter was ok, I prefered the story of Elsie in war torn Germany rather than the unimaginative modern story of Reba and Riki. Riki's story about the treatment of Mexican illegals in El Paso might have been interesting if the author hadn't worked so hard to try and make this a parallel to the treatment of Jews during WWII.
The book does contain
Started Beautiful Sacrifice but found the prose was awful and the idea of a romance between the two main characters was too painful.
I started Last Train to Babylon and am intrigued.


Saturday - Minneapolis room service
Sunday - Madison WI hotel
Monday - Owosso MI hotel
Tuesday - making use of freezer roast chicken thighs, roasted potatoes and carrots
Wednesday - pork chop, mashed potatoes and beans
Thursday - steak baked potatoes and broccoli
 Friday - roast pork, roasted potatoes brussel sprouts roasted onions.

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  1. So much good stuff here! You're walk around Minneapolis -- food & weddings! -- looks good, and I would have been upset to return to a dirty hotel room too. Good call on room service, and glad they compensated you for the lack of maid service. Love the murals (especially the Prince one) you found. The Edgewater looks beautiful. And what's with JoAnne's not shipping to Canada. Grrrrrr. No fair! Go Blue Jays -- that'll put a smile on your face.

    Bummer on The Baker's Daughter. I liked it better than you did. Fates & Furies has been on my list. Must get to it.

  2. What a delightful journey! I love seeing all the events, and I especially enjoy hotels. The restaurants and the room service. Thanks for sharing! Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  3. Your yummy photos always make me hungry! Looks like you had a fun time.
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  4. I enjoyed the trip -- particularly that gorgeous cup of coffee!

  5. So many different things going on! Sounds so fun, and the food...yum!

  6. The basilica and the owl and wolf mural particularly stand out for me.

  7. Nice photos of street scenes and cheese shops!
    best... mae at

  8. Wow! I was expecting a photo or two. Wonderful photo journal!

  9. That was a super fun trip! I am glad the hotel compensated you. That would have been the one bummer to the perfect trip.

  10. So many weddings! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  11. With that many steps I know you earned the Urban Boot! Loved the photos, I like the cheesiness and all of the food. Looks like you had very nice weather.

  12. I loved Fates and Furies too, and the Prince mural is very cool. My husband and sons would have loved to have gone to the Ryder Cup, they followed the action on TV.