Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 1 and 2 - Toronto to Williamsburg PA

October 2016

We left Toronto in the rain and it continued pretty much all day.

We must have gotten into the slowest line at US Customs, we watched all the other lines speed through. John said "must be a woman" and sure enough it was. Totally unfriendly and took forever to check our passports, even asked who owned the vehicle... But never asked us to lower the back seat window, odd.

Just a quick stop for Mc D's, not sure the last time we were in one but it served its purpose. It's a long drive in the rain so fast food works. Took a wrong turn finding McD, but snapped these.

Some more photos on our way.

Not sure why the GPS took us the way it did away from major interstates but it worked.

Johnstown was formally organized as a town in 1800 by the Swiss German immigrant Joseph Johns (born Josef Schantz). The settlement was initially known as "Schantzstadt", but was soon anglicized to Johnstown. From 1834 to 1854, the city was a port and key transfer point along the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal. Johnstown was at the head of the canal's western branch, with canal boats having been transported over the mountains via the Allegheny Portage Railroad and refloated here, to continue the trip by water to Pittsburgh and the Ohio Valley. Perhaps the most famous passenger who traveled via the canal to visit Johnstown briefly was Charles Dickens in 1842. By 1854, canal transport became redundant with the completion of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which now spanned the state. With the coming of the railroads, the city's growth improved. Johnstown became a stop on the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad and was connected with the Baltimore & Ohio. The railroads provided large-scale development of the region's mineral wealth.

In googling the town it turned out that we just missed Trump earlier this afternoon. This is definitely Trump territory.

We stayed in the Hampton Inn and ordered Chinese food for dinner.

The room we had was on the first floor near the lobby, it was like sleeping in Grand Central Station. The clerk when we checked out just said sorry, and nothing else.
When I complained the clerk just soaid sorry. I received their online survey and complained and received this note.
Dear Jacqueline McGuinness:

Thank you for taking the time to complete one of our guest surveys.

I'm sorry that you had an unpleasant experience at our hotel, and didn't get any sleep due to the noise the office door caused.   We did adjust the hinges on it so it hopefully won't be as disruptive in the future, and I'll bring it to the staff attention, especially at night, to try to work more quietly.

I have gone ahead and adjusted your room rate and refunded your credit card for your stay, as we want you to be 100% satisfied.  You should see the credit on your account within a few days after everything is processed.

Once again, please accept our apologies.


Karen Mansfield
General Manager
Hampton Inn Johnstown, PA

We had the free breakfast at the Hampton and got on the road around 10. The sun is out and the temperature is rising.

Crossing into Maryland.

Lunch in Germantown.

Getting through DC was slow due to heavy traffic.

We stop at a rest area in Virginia.

Virginia has always used the slogan "Virginia is for Lovers".

We're in a 2 bed 2 bath condo for a week at the Patriot's Inn.

A quick grocery shop and we put our feet up.


  1. You sure didn't have great weather for travelling. I've by The Stagecoach West store and the BIG Indian. Nice view of Trumpville.

  2. I remember seeing the long border queues on the bridge from Niagara, I think to enter the US. Wait until Trumpet triumphs and see the queue to get to Canada.

  3. Glad you saw some pretty leaves along the way. I hate driving through DC ... glad you survived. LOL