Monday, April 25, 2016

Tuesday Treasures

Tom hosts Tuesday's Treasures.

When we downsized three years ago I scanned many family memories. These are adorable postcards that were sent to me by aunts.

This one is from my Aunty Ursula in 1957 when she married and moved to England. It is addressed to my grandmother's house in Dublin just before we emigrated to Canada.

This is from my grand-aunt Kate who married and went to live in England.

Another one from Kate - judging by the Montreal 15 this was sent soon after we moved to Canada.

Bamforth and Co Ltd was started in 1870 by James Bamforth, a portrait photographer in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. In 1883 he began to specialise in making lantern slides. During 1898 'Bamforth & Co. Ltd' started making silent monochrome films with the Riley Brothers of Bradford, West Yorkshire, who had been making films since 1896. James Bamforth's expertise with lantern slides proved invaluable in the film making. They used a camera developed by Bradford cine inventor Cecil Wray. This partnership with Riley and Bamforth, known as 'RAB' films lasted until 1900. Though film production was restarted in 1913 it was again stopped in 1915, when the film production was changed to the new named 'Holmfirth Producing Company, which quickly moved operations to London. The last Holmfirth film, Meg o' the Woods, emerged in February 1918.

In 1910 Bamforth and Co Ltd started making illustrated 'saucy' seaside postcards which, like his films, were exported worldwide for sale. The company was bought out by the Dennis Printing Company, in Scarborough during the early 1980s. Following the demise of Dennis the 'Bamforth & Co' name and postcards rights to over 50,000 designs were purchased by Ian Wallace in 2001.


  1. What beautiful memories to treasure!

  2. Beautiful. Love the red card. So much cuter than those you find now.

  3. What a fun post! I love all the treasured post cards. But it made me think of all the families that got separated, some moving to England and others from England. It's a long way to travel for a visit! Our daughter and hubby moved to Texas, 20 hours drive, but at least we didn't have an ocean separating us. It must have been so difficult for those English/Canadian families.

  4. Oh my they are all so sweet. a nice collection.

  5. Neat old postcards Jackie, what a wonderful look back to simpler times. A post card was such a treat to receive, a lot more fun than an email today. Thanks for sharing and please come back soon.

  6. Treasured memories Jackie! Your aunt Kate must have missed you and I love how she nicknamed you 'Butterfly'.

  7. Oh such special treasures! Priceless memories because of the messages and sweet illustrations!

  8. What a great idea to scan them, so you can have them forever.


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