Thursday, July 2, 2015

Look Up Look Down

Look Up, Look Down challenge hosted by Travel With Intent.

June 2015 - Toronto ON
College and Elizabeth Streets

Designed by the architectural firm of Darling And Curry and built of red sandstone the Victoria Hospital For Sick Children opened in May 1892. It was the first hospital in Canada designed exclusively for pediatrics. Through the generosity of its benefactor John Ross Robertson the hospital incorporated the most innovative techniques available such as x-rays in 1896 and a milk pasteurization plant in 1909. The Hospital For Sick Children vacated the building in 1951.

The staff of this hospital led the fight in Canada for compulsory pasteurization of milk. In 1908, the first milk pasteurization plant in Canada was established here, thirty years before it became mandatory. The Nutritional Research Laboratory was established in 1918. The nutritional research of Drs. Alan Brown, Fred Tisdall, and Theo Drake led to the development of Pablum, a precooked baby cereal, that saved thousands of children from death and disease.

Since 1993, it has been home to Canadian Red Cross Regional Blood Centre and then later the Canadian Blood Services Regional Blood Centre.


  1. Beautiful architecture. Despite moving on to other quarters, it has a lot of history in the city.

    I remember as a very small child being brought to what I assume is the current campus- they were doing a diagnosis for recommendations on me for a speech therapist, and so had to run some tests.

  2. Interesting post,wonderfull fotos best regard from Belgium

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  4. Very interesting Jackie.. Oh yes golden rule , Look up and Look down , look Left and right :-)

  5. Fantastic building and a very interesting history. Many thanks for entertaining and educating at the same time Jackie


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