Thursday, September 25, 2014

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September 2014 - Toronto ON

We went to Chinatown this week for lunch and had amazing fried dumplings.

Price wise they were $6.99 for 15 steamed dumplings and $6.99 for 12 fried dumplings.

We had two orders, both fried, pork and mixed vegetables. Their other food looked very good also.

I wonder how they make that doily effect on top??

We had gone for American/Canadian last week, burger and lobster roll and the week before for Indian.

So we decided that we work eat our way around the globe in Toronto for the next few weeks.

Here are some more photos of food around Chinatown.


  1. I remember Toronto having a good Chinatown from when I lived there. The prices seem right. We are going to Global Village today-where there will be a potpourri of food sampling and cultural events.

  2. So fun! I've never been to Chinatown in Toronto--for some reason we always gravitate to the Danforth area. So colorful and I bet those fried dumplings were delicious. And YUM lobster roll. Can't get that down here in Dallas.

  3. Those dumplings look delicious and I've never seen that doily thing...very cool!

  4. We were in Hong Kong recently and have fun choosing little busy cheap restaurants - we love Sichuan flavours. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  5. Oh I love that lacy top to the dumplings. How cool. The first time I was in Toronto I was so surprised by how cosmopolitan the food was -- you're very lucky. Sounds like a fun mission -- eat around the world while at home.

  6. Eating your way around the globe- I like that. We'll have to try it here in NYC.

  7. Love the doily design!! Sounds like you had a great time. Here's My Weekend Cooking


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