Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recipes To Try

Strawberry cream cheese croissants I would probably substitute another berry as I am not overly fond of strawberries cooked in anything.
Cinnamon roll cake is from the same blogger as above.

Zucchini and spinach gratin will be a great way to use up an over abundance of summer vegetables.

Homemade sweet sour sauce finally an alternative to store bought and much healthier also.

Blueberry french toast souffle from Grumpy's Honey bunch looks delicious.

Lemon pound cake with blueberry sauce yum two of my favourite flavours!!

Garlic breadsticks two-ways

A very interesting salad Wedge Salad w/ Buttermilk-Lemon Zest Dressing

Homemade hot buttery lobster roll on toasted hot dog buns, we bought hot dog buns at St. Lawrence Market so this would be good to do with them (I froze them when we got home).

Perhaps for the fall Rogan josh with either lamb or beef and naan bread.

Broccoli bites Stacey included "for kids" in her title but I know I would love these.


  1. Yummmmm... if I wasn't burnt so crispily right now, it would be tempting to have one of those weeks where it's new recipes every day....

  2. I would love broccoli bites.. Love the rest of the recipe too!

  3. Great space and a pleasure to follow for more interesting posts :)


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