Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 18 - Decluttering

Sunday May 1 - cleaned out the various papers for our Russian visas that we no longer need.
Replace the plastic bathroom baskets with new baskets. The old ones are currently in the basement but will likely go into the charity pile if we don't have any use for them.

Monday - another dressing gown.

Tuesday - more magazines that were sitting in the basket.

Wednesday -bathroom is finished. Got rid of some more stuff while putting it away. More towels and sheets made it into the charity pile.

Thursday - found this plate which turns out to be the cover for the new thermostat in the bathroom. Seems some people use it, I won't so out it goes.

Friday - went through porch cabinet. Above sample of porch siding which has been in the drawer for nine years!

Saturday - leaving for Russia!!

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