Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11 - Decluttering

Sunday March 13 - I decided to bake and found this recipe for Irish cream pound cake. I'll post the recipe later. It was perfect as we had some opened bottles of various Irish cream liquors hanging around.We don't drink it and I'm not sure where the bottles came from, likely purchased a long time ago for a party.
The first one, Baileys, had a drop in the bottom, but neither of us could get it opened, the sugar had sealed it shut!
So that got got put in the box for returning bottles to the LCBO. The next bottle was almost full, and finally after running hot water over the cap I got it open to find that it had completely turned bad and it had solidified. I am still currently trying to clean it out.
The last bottle, Panama Jack's was fine to use. We have no idea where this one came from!
So 2 liquor bottles and 1 wine bottle got decluttered from the drinks cabinet. The wine bottle was empty, but it was in the shape of a purple cat that I was saving for something...

I also had 2 presents for my cousin's daughter that I had bought earlier in the year which will be given to her today. I used wrapping paper that had been languishing in the basement.
I also "found" one of my BIL's Christmas gifts that I had bought way way before Christmas and put away in a closet so I forgot to give it to him. Hopefully I will see him today and that will be "decluttered" as well.
This just proves what my GF said, there's no point in buying gifts too early if you forget you bought them!

Monday - I have a nice bottle for liquid soap by the kitchen sink, but I was admiring a Scotch bottle that DH had bought at Heathrow and decided I should use it for soap for a change.

Tuesday - poked in fridge and got rid of 2 opened jars that will likely never be used again.

Wednesday - just a quick one. Found this lurking in the cabinet and combined it with another one. I love the bottle.
 You can tell we don't drink any of this stuff very often. I found a bottle of dark rum which I think was a gift 5 years ago for DH birthday. I have since found some recipes that used dark rum.

Thursday - A cookie sheet that had seen better days. I had mentioned  during the week that I should get a new one so when DH did the groceries he bought a new one as well as this pizza pan.

Friday - Tidied some papers and threw some random stuff that was in the bottom of the basket. Included were last year's garbage tags which were never used.

Saturday - did a quick tidy of front porch since it was so nice out. found a mat in the cabinet along with an old plant pot and 2 candles that went into the charity/garbage piles. Also a Scotch container that I was saving because I liked it went into the garbage. There was an old blanket on the porch shelves that really isn't needed and is a little past its prime. Soon it will be time to return the gargoyle to its summer home in the back garden.

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  1. o you fancy popping over and decluttering my place next!!!

    I write about our experience at David's Bridal today...........suffice to say dd will NOT be buying her wedding dress there!!



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