Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 10 - 365 Decluttering

Sunday March 6 - A towel that had pulled threads thanks to a cat that LOVES clean laundry and makes himself a cosy little sleeping spot within the towels.

I asked DH to declutter his desk and he came up with the following items for the charity bag. Three mugs, a tin and a picture frame. I made him put one thing back because I like it, a miniature golf cart from a birthday cake!

He also found the old, old satellite box under the TV so that is going out also.

Monday - 2 books on personal finance, never opened and 2 books received as a gift when renting snorkel equipment on the Big Island of Hawaii. I also threw out a book from my ESL course last fall.

Tuesday - sorted through my stuff in the mitten basket. One pair of mitts, one pair of gloves and a hat went into the charity pile.

Wednesday - more travel articles.

Thursday - went through 3 Food and Drink magazines from LCBO. I love this magazine, especially the food photography but the recipes can be found online.

Friday - some virtual decluttering, cleaning up old files on the PC.

Saturday - emptied 2 jars from the fridge that had been opened and in there for a while.

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