Wednesday, December 16, 2015


December 2015 - Los Angeles CA

Time to head out for our 2015-2016 winter sojourn. This year it is three months in Mexico. After last year's extravagant trip that included Las Vegas, Singapore, a river cruise along the Mekong ending in Vietnam and then Australia and New Zealand, back to LA and a leisurely drive back to Toronto, we decided on a less extensive journey.

We were up at 5:25 and the limo picked us up at 6 for 8 AM flight.
Pearson was a zoo, Air Canada was so disorganized. The self-serve check in took so looooong. Asked so many questions, would be faster to have a person do it . 
AND had to pay for our first baggage, luckily we only have one each. However we were flying on points.
I tried to upgrade us $1100 but no room.

Don't get me wrong I normally love and embrace technology but not when it appears to be slower.

BUT the line-up for a person to check you in snaked forever.

Then long line for bag drop only you don't drop now you walk around the corner and take it all the way through to after US immigration. Lucky we have Nexxus, shorter line, and just access a machine and get pre-approved. Of course it didn't like my passport at first but then was ok. Then drop luggage and then security which was so slow.

Over an hour to get to other side. Only had time for a quick coffee, of course also self check even though no one was there.The guy says order on the iPAD and then he walks away.It didn't like John's debit card so  the guy had to come back and say that "it often doesn't like debit" 

Was glad we didn't upgrade, it was nothing fancy and the plane wasn't full so we had an empty seat between us.
Watched the Second Best Marigold Hotel was ok nothing great. Then Bridge of Spies, liked that, John watched that too.
And you know Air Canada didn't have the food we selected. So didn't bother. 6 hour flight.

Easy out and shuttle came almost immediately. Nice and warm and sunny.
Check in at the Sheraton and room was ready. 
Was starving so went for early lunch at 11:30 then we decided to have a nap and only got up at 4. 

Dinner again in the hotel, burger for me and beef and broccoli for John.

Good night everyone.


  1. Hello Jackie and John. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Have a super trip and enjoy the warmth. Will keep my eye on your blog Jackie. At least you are not changing time zones. xx

    1. Thanks, Anne and all the best to you and yours!! Postcards will be coming your way.

  2. Have a good trip!

    My vision of Hell: a long lineup in an airport that never ends.

  3. Hoping the next leg goes smoothly! Looking forward to your Mexican adventures.


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